Thursday, July 2, 2015

Finished Objects Review 2012-2015

In 2013, I attended a living history event the first weekend of May.  Now understand that by May, my part of Texas is already reaching 90F.  Not that weekend... we had snow flurries on the Thursday- while I was setting up.  Consequentially, I took MY Tunisian Crochet stitch sampler shawl to keep warm, because that is my Winter Coat.
On Friday, the building my shop was in, had rock walls that took a long time to warm up... so it was cold in the building but warm enough outside to not need my winter shawl.  I left it in my chair in my 'little store' when I went to the chow line at lunch.

When I brought my lunch back to my spot, a lady was trying on my winter shawl. 
'How much is this shawl?'
'Whoa, wait!  That's my winter shawl.  I can't sell it.'
'Oh, I want one just like it!  It's so warm and soft.'

Well, it took me two years to complete that shawl... not because the stitching was that difficult, but because I would forget to work on it... or the stress of trying to make sure I'm paying attention to the stitches and the patterns... would wipe me out after a couple of hours.

The new shawl is on the left and mine is on the right.  Both are made with 6 skeins of Red Heart Amore in a cream color.

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