Wednesday, April 30, 2008

XO Cables

Again, this one will need a extra stitch in the middle of the O, to prevent huge gaping holes.

Mixed Stitches Cables

One of the Joys of Tunisian Crochet is the various Basic Foundations and how combining them creates such diversity and variety.
These Cables are made by combining Tunisian Knit, Simple and Kim & ARNie Purls.

TC Banjo Cable in Knit Stitch

For those who are trying this on their own,

I've come to realize that there must be a stitch

in between the two sets of cables, or there is a huge

gaping hole, big enough for a golf ball to pass through

in the middle of the cables.

More Tunisian Crochet Cables

Yes, I'm still at it, although research is showing that some cables are not the best in TC.

This is similar to a Banjo Cable from knitting and is done in Tunisian Simple Stitch... the basic Afghan Stitch.