Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update on ARNie's Health

Well, there isn't any good way to say this, but to just say it. After the hospital stay for diverticulitis and kidney infection in May, I was hospitalized- AGAIN- for an infection in the tendons of my index finger of my dominant hand. They had to cut open that finger and clean out the infection. When cultures did not reveal what caused that infection, my primary healthcare provider sent me to an Immunologist.

I've been doing some medical testing over the last month; testing that we've never done before.... and we found something.

The Immunologist ran a gamut of tests to see what was going on with my body, and he found something he had never seen before.

I've been to a Hematologist and an Oncologist, and the short of it is:
I don't have enough symptoms to validate the suspicions of the Immunologist;
I don't have cancer at this time;
and I'm in no need of extraordinary treatment until secondary symptoms arise.

This is an abnormality within the blood; it handicaps the immune system; and unfortunately it can look like cancer or a very rare disease that has a dire prognosis; and there isn't a test to determine which it is.

Without the secondary symptoms, we are operating under the belief this is benign... non-malignant, and NOT the blood disorder.

In addition to the 'big find,' the Immunologist is running more tests on various anomalies and abnormalities he found within my immune system-even down to the cellular level. There are treatments he can offer to help me, but we need to determine what that help should be.

My goals are to do everything possible to strengthen my body and my immune system. Regardless what this turns into, I will weather the coming challenges much better, with a body that is as strong as it can get.

I'm being forced, once again, to triage my life; take a hard look at what I can do and what I should not do....

At this time, I'm forced to relinquish Hooks In Texas. The physical stress is too big of a risk for me. For as much as I love seeing stitchers from across our great state, the responsibility is too much for me, anymore.

My Immunologist has said that Positive Stress is a good thing, so I can continue to go to the few living history events I've attended in the past. With those, I'm only responsible for one person, me.

I'm keeping online, since it is self sustaining, but everything else will need to be evaluated over the next few weeks.

For now, I'm done with the doctor visits for a couple of months, and that tells me I'm in no grave danger. I can focus on the positives in my life, and hopefully, get back to stitching soon. Oh, did I mention, I've been doing physical therapy on the hand scattered all through this. All this emotional turmoil, and I couldn't stitch... let me tell you folks... that was a challenge.

oh, NO, I'm not going to say the names of the diseases... what little you will find on google, will just scare you half to death.


Anonymous said...


Please know that you continue to be in my prayers and positive thoughts.

Sometimes knowing helps; sometimes knowing doesn't. Life is full of those.

Gentle as you go,
not Anonymous

Margo said...

I'm really sorry to hear what a rough time you are having. I believe concentrating on the positive will go a long way towards your recovery. You are in my thoughts.


Janet Shott said...

Keep on keeping on! You are in my prayers, please know! Jan

Paula Shields said...

This is Paula,

I don't know you personally, but wish the best for your recovery. I too am having some health issues.

Hope you will be back to stitching soon. Will relieve a lot of tension in your life.

Blown Away said...

I take shiitake mushroom pills. They are to strengthen my immune system and I have noticed that for me they work. I also have health issues. All the best!!!

Anonymous said...

We all hope your health improves, will keep my fingers crossed for you.

mlaiuppa said...

How are you doing?