Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Day in my Life

I had to pick up my asthma meds from my 'franchise' pharmacy, since I've never moved them to the local compounding pharmacy.  While I was there, I asked them to print out the details of the dosage to the natural thyroid hormone they last filled for me.

Just as I suspected: 300mg.  Right at 5 grains- for those who understand Armour dosages.

My new compounded natural thyroid replacement: 30mg.  What a difference one lone 0 makes.

I am improving, but it doesn't take much to improve when you are sitting on the side of a grave, with both feet danling in the hole. 

And I have a loooooong way to go.

I see my healthcare provider on Monday to discuss this further.


Margo said...

Hopefully it won't take too long before you see a major improvement.

mlaiuppa said...


I knew I took natural thyroid when I started over thirty years ago.

I took three quarters of a grain. Now I take 75 mg. Only now it's Synthroid.

I've asked if I could go back to natural thyroid but Kaiser Pharmacy doesn't dispense it so the doctors won't right prescriptions for it.

I'm so glad you finally double checked your thyroid meds and found this error.

Just goes to show how much of our lives are dependent upon pharmacists being transparent and getting it right.

Have a really long, frank talk with your primary care physician and don't hold back. If you feel they aren't listening but not HEARING what you're saying, consider switching to another doctor until you find one that will hear what you're saying, process and act with your concerns and needs in mind.