Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Second Day of the Rest of My Life

Last week, I noticed a new little label on my Thyroid Replacement meds.  When I read them, I was dumbstruck, in shock and disbelief.  They were the chemical names of synthetic thyroid hormones.  I discovered 12 years ago, that my body doesn't tolerate synthetic thyroid replacement.

Of course, my mind was whirling as to what possible mistakes could have happened for the label to be wrong....did this switch happen in January when we tinkered with the doseage.... oh dear God have I been on these synthetics for three, four years?!

After last fall, and the addition of Adrenal Hormones and another comprehensive hormone cocktail, I had begun to improve... a little bit.  After we tinkered with the thyroid doseage at the beginning of the year.... all forward momentum stopped, and I slipped right back to where I had been.

I had pretty much given up; if this is how badly I feel on Natural Thyroid, AND high doeses of Adrenal Hormones... then this is as good as it gets, and I need to prepare for a radically different life of having others care for me.

Finding that little label, for as horrible as it should have been- that my health care professionals let me down so badly that I was circling the drain for years.... it was also the one ray of hope- that could explain everything, and with that one small change, could bring me back to life.

A trip to the pharamcy, proved that they had never compounded a natural thyroid replacement for me.  I had, indeed, been on synthetic thyroid for three-four years.  For me, that explained everything. 

But I'm not bitter about this.  Everything happens for a reason.
  • My health had to get so bad, for my healthcare pros to consider running that test and adding the hormone cocktail.  They had refused to both, in the years since my second thyroid surgery.
  • Being on synthetic thyroid for several years, proved beyond any doubts, that I don't tolerate the synthetics. 
  • You can't comprehend the Horror of Errors (no one can call this a Comedy)..Until you are a thyroid patient struggling to survive with doctors who are given alllll sorts of Payola from Drug companies specifically telling docs that those 'naturals are going to kill your patients, but my synthetics will make them so much better... and if they have some lingering symptoms.... we have a litany of prescriptions to treat all the individual symptoms.'
  • Did you catch that?  The Drug companies have a dozens of synthetic drugs to 'treat' each and every symptom of hypothyroidism.  They will make more money, if we are kept at too low thyroid levels, and just purchase all their drugs to compensate for not getting enough thyroid.  Yessiree, we are walking talking Gold Mines for PharmaCos.
Again, I'm not bitter about circling the drain for three years on synthetic thyroid, and I'm blessed that I didn't know it.  No one can say, the Placebo In Reverse Effect happened to me: that I convinced myself I felt bad, because I was on a medication I didn't like.  I didn't know that I was slowly dying, because my thyroid replacement was synthetic, and that proved my point, better than all my efforts over 8 years after my thyroid was all gone.  I'm with a doctor who would at least try the natural, but she wasn't really thrilled with the idea.

Today is my second day, back on a natural thyroid replacement.  I woke up with manageable headache, but to be certain of it's nature, I waited to take anything for it.  If it was just muscle tension from oversleeping, then coffee and movement would cure it.... they didn't.  Another baby migraine.

Yesterday wasn't too bad; it started out wonderful, but this new doseage isn't broken into two capsules.  I didn't get that afternoon boost, so I'll adjust how I take the Adrenal hormones to compensate.  If that doesn't help, then next month I ask them to split the daily doseage into two capsules.

I've been at this for more than a decade, I know what to expect: I will hit the wall with this new thyroid med, before the end of the year.  I know this, because the dosage is significantly lower, than the last time I was on a natural thyroid replacement.  This improvement will be short lived, and we'll need to increase the dosage time and time again... Once we get that thyroid to an acceptable level....then we get to start the really difficult task of trial and error on all the various hormones- to see which one is truly low, and which one simply couldn't work without thyroid.

I have made decisions now, just so I won't get too excited later on, and then overextend myself.  I won't even consider ReOpening my Retail Operations until next spring.  I'm not even going to try to wade through the Wholesale Orders until September.  I'm sorry folks, truly sorry, but I don't want to get your hopes up, and then I can't deliver.


mlaiuppa said...

I take thyroid and I understand completely.

I can tolerate synthetic thyroid but NOT generics. They've tried generics three times and each time the tests were all over the place. Back on the Synthroid name brand and I was steady as I've ever been.

When I was going through a bad patch (with Kaiser), they did all sorts of tests and nothing. I wanted to go on natural thyroid at the time but they said they don't dispense it and my doctor refused to write a prescription for it because the pharmacy won't dispense it. The only way to go on natural was to pay out of pocket to an outside doctor and outside tests.

I didn't have the money at the time.

Turns out it wasn't the thyroid meds, it was the generic (repeat generic) statin they had me on for my high cholesterol. Once that was changed I improved quickly.

I still want to take natural thyroid but don't know how I'm going to manage it still under the Kaiser insurance. I have a new doctor now so I may discuss it with him.

I am so happy to hear you have solved at least some of your health issues. I remember thinking , and maybe even posting, way back about thyroid but you said you were on meds.

Just goes to prove. You don't need to just read the labels at the grocery store. You need to double check the labels from the pharmacy. Every time. I ask not to have child proof tops and it's in the computer, but every once in a while they still put them on the bottles.

The only protection against carelessness is vigilance.

ARNie said...

What you have experienced in securing the natural thyroid replacement, is nothing short of a scandalous conspiracy from the makers of Synthroid (Abbott).

They have done an unbelieveable amount of sabotage and unethical dissemination of lies to the insurance companies and doctors, just to secure the higher market share of patients taking their medication(s).

From telling doctors that the naturals are no longer being manufactured, to telling the insurance companies that the naturals are contaminated, unsafe, or dangerous for patients.

All the while, more patients see a diminishing of their symptoms on the Natural Thyroid replacement. On the contrary, more patients than not, see an increase in their symptoms, and the need for other expensive perscriptions to treat all the various symptoms Low Thyroid... all of which, is caused by an intolerance of the synthetic thyroid replacement.

Let me say that again, PharmaCo's want you on that more expensive Synthetic Thyroid, so they can sell you more expensive drugs to treat all the various symptoms that low thyroid causes.

If you are hypothyroid, there is absolutley NO REASON for you to be taking Statins, since High Cholesterol is a symptom of Low Thyroid. You may feel better on Synthroid, than a generic, but that High Cholesterol tells me, you still aren't getting the right amount, or possibly not the right type of thyroid replacement your body needs.

Talk to your local pharmacies about their costs of the natural thyroid replacement. In general, natural thyroid should cost you about the same as a co-pay for a synthetic. That's right, the naturals are so much cheaper, you should be able to pay for it without insurance.

When talking to your new doctor, ask him if you can try a natural for 6 months to see if you can't improve. That your goal is to stop taking the statin, since you don't want to continue putting your liver at risk, and when you get the Thyroid Right, the cholesterol will come down. said...

I went on your site to learn crochet, but I may have come across something more valuable. I too do not have a thyroid and have had some serious fatigue and pain issues in the last 4 years. Somedays I can't get out of bed. I have been through every test including lupus and MS. I was told by all of my doctors that it is CFS. No matter what I say or how I say it no one will listen, I believe it is hormones especially thyroid. I feel so beaten down and feel like the medical profession has brushed me off and let me down.
Can you please let me know if this was the case with you?