Friday, January 9, 2009

Peaches & Creme Yarn in Tunisian Crochet

A member of my Yahoo group and Ravelry was asking about TC with Peaches and Creme... a worsted/aran weight cotton yarn.

This is one project I used TC with a lacy open stitch Arrowhead Netting.
The pattern for this blanket is in the booklet: Arrowhead Netting, that includes instructions for one method for creating Round objects.
You can order the book here:
You can see Arrowhead Netting instructions here:


Luna said...

Very cute ....! I'm inviting you to my blog .


Anonymous said...

ARNie! found you again! ;) zax here, from lifetips days!
i'm loving your blog. was looking for a use for some peaches & creme brand cotton yarn i picked up the other day. only have two small balls of it. wanted to make some socks or dishcloths, but no real ideas yet.
anyway, hugs to you, and hoping you're well!